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Out of the Woods

Recorded at the legendary Dove Creek Studios in Courtenay, Out of the Woods includes fifteen of our favourite traditional Celtic and Canadian fiddle tunes played on Mandolin, Guitar, Piano and three Fiddles.

Liberty Two Step 1:41
Skraplandschottis 2:15
Irishmans Heart To The Ladies 1:46
Ragtime Annie 2:12
Miss Clementine 2:19
Maid Behind The Bar 2:57
Silver Dollar / Harvest Home 2:37
Morning Star 2:11
Wash The Windows 1:45
Reel de Saint Antoine 2:36
Plaza Polka 1:59
The Bottom of the Punch Bowl 2:28
Lark In The Morning 2:27
Fishers Hornpipe 2:08
Saint Annes Reel 2:42

We started playing traditional music one snowy winter while living in a very small mountainside cabin without electricity. It was a long winter full of surprises for a family of novice homesteaders. When our battery-powered tape deck stopped, fiddles and mandolin became our only source of instrumental music. Since then the instruments have come almost everywhere with us, including our migration west onto a wooden sailboat and many shoe-string and bailing-twine tours in our old blue van.

Some fiddle recordings feature jaw-dropping playing skills and blistering tempos. This isn’t one of them.

Our family style of music making has always been about having fun playing together. We’ve aimed for cheerful, good-hearted tunes played with enough skill to keep skill level out of the foreground, enough humility to let the music come through the musicians, and enough spirit to get your toes moving and your face smiling. We hope you enjoy the results!

Happy listening!