The Merry McKentys are a six-piece family band consisting of four brothers, one sister, a dad, three fiddles, a guitar, a mandolin, and a piano, with frequent guest appearances by other instruments and family members. Perhaps the biggest family band in the west, we make a big sound playing cheerful little tunes with little pretension and big grins. Read More...

Out of the Woods

Recorded at Dove Creek Studios in Courtenay, Out of the Woods is available in stores and online! The CD includes fifteen of our all-time favorite tunes played in sweet and upbeat traditional style.

Wash the Windows (track 9)
Lark in the Morning (track 13)

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CD with Digipak - $20.00
MP3 Album - $15.00

Contra Dances

Contra dancing is a fun, energetic form of traditional dancing. It is usually done in lines (and sometimes in circles), and is often likened to square dancing without the squares. There is no fancy footwork required, and a complete newcomer can be dancing along in a matter of minutes with the help of the dance caller, who gives instructions as the dance goes along. Read more on our Contra Dance Page

Cotton Fields (feat. Kale)

John Ryan's Polka

Rolling Wheel

Liberty Two-step

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